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A walk in the woods

Yesterday I wanted to decorate this large platter in the image above. I have been making a conscious effort recently to bring more depth into my work in terms of layers and building up of techniques. This is all very … Continue reading

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Once upon a time I made pots

It feels like a life time ago when I last sat down to make pots properly. I had, a small problem shall we politely call it, with my glaze. ie it had decided that with my latest batch of clay … Continue reading

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Friday all day

This morning when I got to work there was a parcel waiting for me addressed as above. Made me smile, which was something I needed this morning. It contained a lovely new mug from Mr Paul Jessop which was very … Continue reading

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Big Blog

Yesterday I did something that felt pretty important to me and rather momentous – maybe. I packed the first ever of my wood fired pots that are heading off for an exhibition. They are going to be a part of … Continue reading

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Flapping February

The year started with me trying to make a conscious effort not to end up in a panic again over things and to make sure I concentrated on everything I did and not to flap so flipping much. Well I … Continue reading

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February Already?

I love the pancheon shape but have never made them before. They tend to be simply slipped and stunning for it and I figured that diidn’t match me too well. I just realised this week that they didn’t have to … Continue reading

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I live in a lovely place.

Slip slop time. Don’t look at the dodgy looking 1 that looks like a 2 on the left hand jug though. Oops. I’ve been out and about today driving around the area. It was a stunningly beautiful day. I drove … Continue reading

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How many dots are too many dots?

I have been still making and decorating and trying to dry pots and firing and trying to get orders dried and ready for Christmas and trying to not sit by the fire drinking tea for too long each day (which … Continue reading

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A Slippy Week’s Work

Phew, it’s been an awfully long and tiring sort of week this week, everything has been kind of hard work, it’s been cold and wet and windy and a bit quiet and lonely. I’ve had lots to do though so … Continue reading

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Autumn Days

Autumn means berry hunting with my Cubs, they were making autumn collections this week, they looked great though not entirely edible. I was away in London at the weekend at Ceramics in the City at the Geffrye Museum. It’s one … Continue reading

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