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Monday Sunny Day Full of Enthusiam Day

Busy busy busy, it’s been a less of a flap and more of a getting things done with calm and serenity today or as near as I can ever get to being calm and serene.I am excited about my new … Continue reading

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All together now

All the McGill Duncan Twelve Pots of Christmas pots all together and standing smartly and saying cheese. Thanks to Amanda for her time photographing this little lot last weekend. The show opened this morning and what with the vast array … Continue reading

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What have we here? Oh, an owl! On my finger! A felt hoolet, fancy that. Sweet wee thing don’t you think? Beautifully made and the shop I found it in well I could have had her pack up the whole … Continue reading

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A weekend of crafties and icies.

A grand entrance to the exhibition of five local crafts people all showing together at Amanda Simmons’ house this weekend. This is one of Trevor Leat’s famed sculptures, fabulous isn’t she. A few things that I took to the show … Continue reading

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