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A walk in the woods

Yesterday I wanted to decorate this large platter in the image above. I have been making a conscious effort recently to bring more depth into my work in terms of layers and building up of techniques. This is all very … Continue reading

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Once upon a time I made pots

It feels like a life time ago when I last sat down to make pots properly. I had, a small problem shall we politely call it, with my glaze. ie it had decided that with my latest batch of clay … Continue reading

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Trees and rain or trees in the rain

It’s been raining for what feels like an age but I think in fact is only about 36 hours. We had a soggy but great walk at Mabie Forest on monday and along with all the plantation of spruce that’s … Continue reading

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Slippy day in another way!

Guess the inspiration of the staring owl / bird of prey Amanda! I’ve been brushing slip on my pots today, I think I’ve said this before, it’s not something I do often but keep meaning to have a play with … Continue reading

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Sunny day bright flowers

Phil and Louise and the boys brought me these flowers the other day when they visited. They’ve been beautiful today. It’s been a very busy day. Trying to get lots of things to a point where they will keep over … Continue reading

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Ouch itch scratch

Well here I back from Cub camp, we were blessed with some glorious weather which makes everything so much easier. The mighty midges were out in force for what I think must be their first proper feed this summer and … Continue reading

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No trees left in Castle Douglas

We went to get a Christmas tree today in Castle Douglas, oh what a thing, we could find none, the green grocer, the garden centre and the builders merchants (from whom last year we bought their last tree) what were … Continue reading

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