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Snowdrops and snowflakes

Snowdrops are out at work, must be spring time soon. This morning I was struggling a bit without the electrickery being on, tried working by candle-light but it was still too dark and damn cold and no kettle so no … Continue reading

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Fruity Friday

Handles on the two medievally inspired jug things that I failed to out lips on. I was too intent on throwing them to remember to do that the other day. Anyway I quite like them as they are. A rack … Continue reading

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This week I have been mostly. . .

. . . sieving slips. I’ve spent a lot of the week sieving all my slips in readiness to let them loose across a lot of new pots given time. It’s not my most enjoyable of jobs but the satisfaction … Continue reading

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A weekend of crafties and icies.

A grand entrance to the exhibition of five local crafts people all showing together at Amanda Simmons’ house this weekend. This is one of Trevor Leat’s famed sculptures, fabulous isn’t she. A few things that I took to the show … Continue reading

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Monday monday

After my frantic week last week making and drying and glazing I did get new pots through the kiln in time for the show at the weekend, and got the kiln packed for a bisque again this morning. Busy old … Continue reading

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A less thinking post.

This has been a rather disjointed week for blogging I’m afraid, there have been a few very early starts and some late nights. It’s a bit crazy, throwing, force drying, decorating and then trying to get them ready to fire … Continue reading

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Busy busy busy.

This weekend coming I am going to be exhibiting as guest to the Bay Potters who are having their annual Christmas show at Organico in Stavely in the beautiful Lake District. If you are able to visit it would be … Continue reading

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Slip sliding away.

A day of decorating was on my agenda for this feisty friday. I attacked my new cups / handled dishes with the rule that no two were to have the same decoration and that I wouldn’t allow myself to use … Continue reading

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New pots.

Unpacked a reasonably successful glaze firing this morning, some of those plates that I had photographed when they were freshly decorated. I’m really taken with this fat bird and the “crocheted” tree. I like the fact that it isn’t trapped … Continue reading

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My squared bowls.

I do so love that little squared pot I brought back from The Netherlands. I was talking to Doug about it and about never really having proper play time as I tend to worry about making things that I can … Continue reading

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