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Today I . . .

1. Got my hand stuck in a jug. Oops!2. Unpacked the kiln, got some nice looking new things out of that for the trade show coming up this weekend.3. Had my car fixed.4. Put handles on my big jugs.5. Had … Continue reading

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Softly softly does it.

Dodgy photo, suits a rather dodgy bit of throwing really. Dodgy but at least I did some. Very very soft clay and I could just about manage but it was awkward as I had to try to keep my index … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah Oh Yeah First Fresh Pots Of The Year

Pie dishes were decorated this morning in a simplistic manner. There’s nowt like stating the obvious is there. A couple of vase forms that I made this week, there is a third one but I’ve not finished it yet. The … Continue reading

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