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Mid Fling Saturday Here is my workshop as it was this morning before the Fling started this morning. My sister has been helping me all day which has been fab. It’s been busy and fun and I have had a great time … Continue reading

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Pre Fling Friday

I just had Blogger Andrew giving me a hand with some pre Fling preparation this morning which was great, thanks Andrew, hope Potfest is going to be good for you.So the shelves are up, the gazebo is up, in the … Continue reading

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Chaos v Calm

Well I have started early this year. Usually my pre Spring Fling mega clean and tidy up starts at about 11am on the friday in a panic. Today I believe is wednesday and I have done loads. I’ve been working … Continue reading

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How often do you get a letter through the post that looks like this? How beautiful is that, I love it. I have been wanting to do a course for a while now in some sort of lettering skills, my … Continue reading

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The London Jungle Book and Othere Stories

Well probably not many other stories just at the moment if truth be told but The London Jungle Book has recently been lent to me by Margie Booth (another Spring Fling participant). It’s beautiful. It is the vision of London … Continue reading

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Friday day.

Busy busy day today, so flipping much on my to do list, that and trying to make head or tail of the chaos after the election yesterday. You know when I was little I used to think when my mum … Continue reading

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Friday's fun

Some quick pics from yesterday for you. I had a half dozen or so of these jugs with feet to slip, I liked them very much the last time I made them. I don’t think I’ve sold any yet but … Continue reading

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No not sheep

Spring Fling brochures are out and about now, new and vastly improved, it’s a gorgeous publication this year, better than ever. You can download it from here or order a copy online. The last weekend in May, including the bank … Continue reading

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What's going on?

Twice in the last two days I have attempted to make a cup of tea whilst having failed to first boil the kettle, this morning while making breakfast I did boil the kettle but poured it over my cereal and … Continue reading

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