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Post Christmas post.

A secret Santa by the name of Matt Grimmitt had these mugs delivered to my house the week before Christmas but being a good girl I saved the parcel until Christmas day before I opened it. We like them very … Continue reading

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New pots and birthday cake.

An unpacking of the kiln today, sometimes I wish it were bigger then I could get more out of it. Well my wood kiln will be bigger but I haven’t decided how much bigger yet. Six big fat jugs, pretty … Continue reading

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Not as bad as I'd feared.

I opened it this morning and didn’t shout or scream. The bottom and middle appear to both be fine but the top is still under fired, at least it’s heading in the right direction and nothing is completly ruined. Phew! … Continue reading

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Sun sun sun and no kitchen sinks.

Lots of decorating for me this morning, little birdies and zig–zag patterns on the mugs and jugs, they are drying out fast, I’m really not used to this weather, it’s been ages since I have had to wrap pots up … Continue reading

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