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Love / hate relationship

I have a love / hate relationship with my glaze. When it’s good it’s fine and when it’s bad it’s beautiful. Let me explain, at my normal temperature (you probably already know this from my past problems with the kiln … Continue reading

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Shout and scream and jump up and down, then drink tea.

Arghhhhhhh! I think I counted my chickens before they hatched. I have just unpacked my kiln this morning and have managed to salvage about 4 pots from it. The top is completely underfired and the bottom is over again. The … Continue reading

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These things are sent to try us.

What a week! It’s been a funny one really, chaotic in some respects but at the same time a lot of waiting for things to happen before I could get on with the next bit. The worst of it is … Continue reading

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