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New pots and a weekend away

I’d left a glaze kiln cooling when I jetted off for Devon last week, here are a couple of the things that came out of it. The plates above are for the Carbon Busters schools project which is run by … Continue reading

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Devon time

So if you hadn’t deduced where I scooted off to I’ve been to Devon to see Mr Fitch, a bit like going to London to visit the Queen but less corgi dogs and more galena. Apart from that it’s hard … Continue reading

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Spring's on it's way

Narcisisisisisisi I think they’re called, tiny daffs, anyway whatever they be they are on their way out as are the snowdrops under the big beech tree on the drive. The end of the dark days is nigh and actually so … Continue reading

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Busy Day

It feels like it’s been an age since I have decorated any pots, only a week in actual fact but somehow seems much longer. Funny that isn’t how time sometimes doesn’t fit with how it should feel, like the fact … Continue reading

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Many more to come

This morning on my ride to work the grass was white with frost, the sky was clear and blue, my eyes were stinging with the cold and by the time I got to work my fingers were numb even through … Continue reading

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Harvest Jug Wars

My big jug came out of the kiln yesterday Doug, you can tell we’ve both been looking at the same books recently. This is the largest in a set of three jugs. Still the smallest one to go but it … Continue reading

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It's a busy friday day.

What a list of things to do today, so long that I couldn’t even shake a stick at it. Some of it got done, some of it didn’t but isn’t that always the way. Monday’s list is forming as we … Continue reading

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Baskets and pots from across the sea.

There’s nothing like a bit of pressure is there to set you off making new things. For months and months now there has been in the planning a joint exhibition between the Scottish Potters Association and the Scottish Basket Makers … Continue reading

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Up int thills.

Lovely sunny weekend, had a great walk as I say up int thills near Pebbles on saturday. I had a committee meeting for the Scottish Potters today in Fife so we went up yesterday, camped over and Paul biked today … Continue reading

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Hugely happy Hannah

Yippee!! I have unpacked a glaze firing this afternoon and I am a very very happy girl. It’s lovely, did exactly what it should, my glaze is lovely and rich without popping off the pots and all is good with … Continue reading

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