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This time last year…

[youtube] So this time last year I was (I have had it confirmed now) in America with Mr Doug Fitch and staying with Hollis Engley and Dan Finnegan and Ron Philbeck and meeting up with many many potters and … Continue reading

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Well here we are almost at the end of another year and what a year it has been. I’m giving you here a whole string of photos of people as this year just seems to have been the year for … Continue reading

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New York Insanity and Shelter Island Calm

After the week in Philadelphia with the Craft Scotland gang I left there on the monday morning with a small group of intrepid Scots on the Greyhound (well it was actually Peter Pan but booked through Greyhound because what else … Continue reading

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During a brief couple of free hours that we got when we were in Philadelphia (which now seems like months ago), myself and Myer ran off to find the Philadelphia Clay Studio. It’s a huge building in the city which … Continue reading

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America – The Return

Well, here I am for the second time in one year, flapping in the manner that you would rightfully expect of me on the eve of a trip to America. Tomorrow I will be meeting up at the airport with … Continue reading

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USA Slipware Tour Volume V (I think)

This afternoon as I stared out at the rain that was falling from the gray sky, the rain that was so close to being sleet I shut my eyes just for a couple of moments and accidental spent a good … Continue reading

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Biscuit O’Clock

Here’s better pictures of Biscuit for you. First the USB thing there next to the cat does not plug into the scar on her side, let me make that quite clear. Second yes she is ginger and yes she does … Continue reading

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USA Slipware Tour Volume IV

So how many years ago is this then? It feels like forever ago but today sitting here in Bonnie Scotland in the scorching sun I was reminded of the balmy days in Shelby in North Carolina back at the end … Continue reading

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USA Slipware Tour Volume III

Who else but a potter could have curtains like this and who else but a potter could have been excited (even when absolutely shattered and struggling to keep a track of conversations that people were trying to have with them … Continue reading

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USA Slipware Tour Volume II

Sniff sniff, this morning I broke my very favourite breakfast tea mug, it was a sweetie salt glaze one of Toff Milway’s that was just perfect and I’ve been using it for the last almost 4 years that we have … Continue reading

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