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January Madness Comes Early

I have been feeling rather less than festive for the last week or two, struggling to get my head around the idea of it being Christmas already and the end of the year and somehow feeling like I have achieved … Continue reading

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New Pots in various guises

Here is a quick pic of the newest additions to the house. Left to right:A huge James Hake tankard – a nice gift.A small but brilliantly bright Richard Godfrey mug – from the mug swap.A gentle Charlotte and Sigi Bohmer … Continue reading

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Owl day

This morning I looked at the title of Ron’s latest post in my blog feed and thought it said “A Few New Owls” and then clicked it but couldn’t find the owls only to realise that it actually said “A … Continue reading

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I put these pots outside this morning in the sunshine to dry wondering how many more of these days I would be able to take advantage of this year, then about two hours later I was running in and out … Continue reading

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Purple fingers

Blackberry picking this afternoon, lots of them along the lane here, we’ve now got a freezer full of them. Been working hard again, got quite a lot done and met a gentleman who was on Hazel’s painting course and who … Continue reading

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Another day another broken pot.

Ok, Paul’s out on a time trial, the washing up is done and the biscuits are made and in the oven so I can write this which I seem not to have done for ages. For one reason and another … Continue reading

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Lots to see.

It rained today! How big does that plant pot look!? These are to upside down tea bowls for Potfest. Ron mentioned that Doug says he doesn’t make tea bowls thinking they’re not really an earthenware pot and I agree, I … Continue reading

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Paul was making dinner tonight while I was baking millionaire’s shortbread and he made the comment that living in this house is difficult because not only do you have to decide what to make to eat (Vietnamese chicken curry with … Continue reading

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Day two for the sponge

The new sponge is not endearing itself to me. It doesn’t so much soak liquid up as just move it around. Hmmm. Did some more throwing this afternoon, a couple of big platters and a big big bowl.If it makes … Continue reading

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