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First Slip Encounters of 2012

For those of you outwith the tiny islands that make up the British Isles you may not know that we appear to have been living through constant gale force crazy winds for the last couple of days. It’s pretty crazy, … Continue reading

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Home from Potfest. I’m pretty exhausted but of course my brain is in overdrive – again. Just had a hot soak in the bath and some food. It’s been a weird weekend. Some great parts, sales wise it started off … Continue reading

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Potfest time of Year

Well I’m home from Art in Action, I unpacked and did the washing and now it’s packing up time for Potfest in the Park! This one is only an hour and a half or so down the road so much … Continue reading

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Voting Time Again

I’m out of cards again folks. I would have liked to have had new images before I got around to new postcards again but I don’t have and I don’t have good enough finished pots either to do that just … Continue reading

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Potfest in the Park 2010

Potfest in the Park, Hutton-in-the-Forest near Penrith. What a beautiful place, what a grand setting for a show full of grand pots and my were there some grand pots. Some of them took your breath away at first glance and … Continue reading

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Potfest in the Park 2010

So tomorrow I’ll be off to Potfest in thePark at Hutton-in-the-Forest near Penrith, Bloggers Margaret and Christine will also be exhibiting and many other fab and grand potters besides. Do come along and see us, it’ll be a great show.I … Continue reading

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Hard days with really nice surprise bits

I had visitors on monday, two of them, first this little mite who accidentally ended up in the workshop, I think he was aiming for the bird feeder but missed. Very sweet he was, had to pick him up and … Continue reading

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Six Weeks On

Today it is 6 weeks since the little incident with the van. Today is the first day I’ve ridden my bike to work and enjoyed the ride rather than spending the journey trying not to over stretch or tweak my … Continue reading

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Back from Germany, not quite in one piece…

Well here I am, have you missed me? It’s probably been quiet and peaceful with none of my waffling going on for the last week or so, just think what the poor bunch of potters I’ve spent all that time … Continue reading

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Chaos v Calm

Well I have started early this year. Usually my pre Spring Fling mega clean and tidy up starts at about 11am on the friday in a panic. Today I believe is wednesday and I have done loads. I’ve been working … Continue reading

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