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New things.

First off a tall, (once) dark,handsome man appeared on my doorstep. I have vague recollections of him but it seems like many a long year since I saw him, it’s been almost 2 months of a trip for him to … Continue reading

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New pots and news

More strange wading birds today. It’s been another slip fest here today and I am loving it. I really like this plate above, it’s thin white slip and thick white slip and then trailed slip too. Nice looking at this … Continue reading

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Monday Sunny Day Full of Enthusiam Day

Busy busy busy, it’s been a less of a flap and more of a getting things done with calm and serenity today or as near as I can ever get to being calm and serene.I am excited about my new … Continue reading

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Where on earth has the week gone? I suddenly realise it’s friday and I don’t know what on earth happened to the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday bits. where did they go? I’m not entirely sure what there is to show … Continue reading

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Owl day

This morning I looked at the title of Ron’s latest post in my blog feed and thought it said “A Few New Owls” and then clicked it but couldn’t find the owls only to realise that it actually said “A … Continue reading

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No new ones yet so here's some oldies instead

Today I have been back in my workshop and it felt good. It’s long time since I was able to be there for more than a couple of minutes just popping in and out. I do love my little space … Continue reading

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Usually by this stage in the preceedings ie a week before Spring Fling, complete chaos has taken rule over my life and I’m running around like a headless chicken. For some reason this year it appears that mild bemusement has … Continue reading

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Tuesday and more sunny sunny day dancing

Busy busy, throwing throwing throwing! I think I have thrown a total of 67 lbs of clay which fr me is an ‘eck of a lot of clay in one day. Bellies of jugs and big bowls mainly and a … Continue reading

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Do the sunny sunny day dance

A very very patient customer sent me this image above this morning, goes well with my t-shirt which has the slogan below on it. Think I should have one on the front on one on the back of my shirt. … Continue reading

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Home sweet home.

Here I am home again and it’s been wild and raining all day after I’ve been stuck inside for the last four days while it’s been gloriously sunny! Sod’s law I suppose. Well I am as always glad to be … Continue reading

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