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Biscuit O’Clock

Here’s better pictures of Biscuit for you. First the USB thing there next to the cat does not plug into the scar on her side, let me make that quite clear. Second yes she is ginger and yes she does … Continue reading

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Still Movement – Art in Clay

Today has been spent at Gracefield Art Centre in Dumfries with Phil McMenemy. We have been working for the last long while on a a collaborative exhibition. It is called “Still Movement”. We have been excited, terrified, frustrated, thrilled, enthused … Continue reading

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More pictures

Postcards arrived this afternoon. What do you think? This is the entrance to the ceramics rooms at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There are some big big pieces on the plinths around the room and you can just maybe make … Continue reading

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Welcome home

These little ladies were out waiting to welcome me home from London yesterday (except I took the picture this morning as it was dark when I came home but I’m sure they were there in spirit. Kindrogan was good, as … Continue reading

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New pots and a weekend away

I’d left a glaze kiln cooling when I jetted off for Devon last week, here are a couple of the things that came out of it. The plates above are for the Carbon Busters schools project which is run by … Continue reading

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Devon time

So if you hadn’t deduced where I scooted off to I’ve been to Devon to see Mr Fitch, a bit like going to London to visit the Queen but less corgi dogs and more galena. Apart from that it’s hard … Continue reading

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Behind bars

It’s not that they are dangerous that we keep them behind bars, it’s for their own safety. Such delicate little mites. So here’s some pictures from Designs, sorry the photography isn’t too great, just quick snaps as per usual. A … Continue reading

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New pots

Here is my little stash of pots that I introduced to the house when I got home. Three tasty old Afghan bowls at the back there courtesy of the lovely Paul Young, I should take some pictures of their backs … Continue reading

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Blimey ‘eck and ee by gum – that is for the pleasure and amusement of Blogger Dan who said he wished you could hear my accent in my blog. Really fab to meet you Dan, if you get even a … Continue reading

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So today I'm thinking. . .

Well the sun is still shining and I’m still a long way from home. It’s hard being away for so long, and twice in close succession isn’t at all good. I am enjoying spending time with Paul Young and of … Continue reading

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