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A cross dressing chicken?

Hmm, well, er, to be honest I can’t explain, it just is. I don’t really do people, well not on my pots a least and not generally in large doses in the real world either. I suppose these are sort … Continue reading

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Slicingly cold horizontal rain forced at you by a very strong cold wind makes for. . .

. . . a very fast cycle journey home! If I put this dragon dish on the other day I apologise but I couldn’t remember. I like him. More where he came from I think. Another of my big candlesticks, … Continue reading

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Crazy day and off to Potfest.

Today I have been having a whale of a time decorating lots of pots in lots of different ways. I had a couple of plates which I white slipped for sgraffito, one was for an order, the one above was … Continue reading

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Marvelous Really

This is Doug’s friendly wee oak tree at the side of his workshop. I had many a nice chat with this tree last week and told it all about it’s relatives north of the border. It’s a friendly little mite … Continue reading

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Elves a plenty

My mum is getting in on the cake baking elf act now, she always makes a big pile of tasty cakes for Spring Fling here she is off on her baking marathon. Only spent a couple of hours at the … Continue reading

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Well? I need you opinions please.

I need to have a new postcard printed of the 6″x4″ variety. I’m hoping to have a new leaflet too but that will have to wait till later in the year. This time I want a card that people will … Continue reading

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New pots quickly.

Unpacked the kiln this morning quickly as I had to be off elsewhere all day but I also had to pack up the high heels and handbags plate to be couriered this morning too. Here’s a shot of the whole … Continue reading

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A blustery day

New plate that I forgot to photograph the other day. I’m very pleased with it. I hope the recipients are too. The cups and saucers based on the Cumnock pottery. They are very sweet, pleased with them. Short and sweet … Continue reading

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New pots.

Unpacked a reasonably successful glaze firing this morning, some of those plates that I had photographed when they were freshly decorated. I’m really taken with this fat bird and the “crocheted” tree. I like the fact that it isn’t trapped … Continue reading

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A gentle invasion.

We had a visit today at the workshops from a class of Japanese school children who are spending a month at the nearby Kilquhanity school. They were lovely kids, very polite and well behaved. A simultaneous gasp from them all … Continue reading

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