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How Long is Too Long?

[youtube] How long is too long to decorate a mug? I say this sort of without really needing an answer because in my mind they’re finished when they are finished and of course the price of the finished object … Continue reading

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Hannah McAndrew “UUM”

(this mug looks gigantic but though it is big isn’t as bucket sized as it looks in this picture) So it’s the end of the first week back at work, it’s flown around, before I know it it’ll be June … Continue reading

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Thursday Slip Day

I slipped some pots today!!!! Woohoo!!! Earlier this week I’d taken my slip trailers apart and cleaned them and given some of them new corks and rewired them all so they were all like new and raring to go. These … Continue reading

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To make a mug

Recently someone came into the workshop and picked up a mug, said it was nice but then told me that £20 was too much to charge for a mug. I think I might have mentioned it on here at the … Continue reading

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Today I . . .

1. Got my hand stuck in a jug. Oops!2. Unpacked the kiln, got some nice looking new things out of that for the trade show coming up this weekend.3. Had my car fixed.4. Put handles on my big jugs.5. Had … Continue reading

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Off we jolly well go.

I threw some mugs this morning, I’ve been meaning to make some for years based on the Cistercian pots I remember seeing at college. I think I did try at college probably with dire results and then I vaguely visited … Continue reading

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Back in the workshop after a weekend in the sun and raring to go. Set to with a rack of mugs, it being almost Potfest and me having only a couple of mugs on the shelves at the moment. Then … Continue reading

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