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Thursday Slip Day

I slipped some pots today!!!! Woohoo!!! Earlier this week I’d taken my slip trailers apart and cleaned them and given some of them new corks and rewired them all so they were all like new and raring to go. These … Continue reading

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The beasties are finished now. The top two are oil drizzlers and the two in the piture underneath are money boxes. Lots of new pots in the workshop at the moment, it’s becoming a bit crowded in there – again. … Continue reading

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Money box magic.

I had a board full of money boxes to decorate today along with a workshop full of other things, two racks of mugs, a board of bowls, a large bowl, half a dozen plates, and more. I didn’t get a … Continue reading

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Money boxes and fresh slip

Busy old day today, after trying to work out why the phone wasn’t working and having to run back up here to test it on another line before I could get BT out and then having to proof an email … Continue reading

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Elves a plenty

My mum is getting in on the cake baking elf act now, she always makes a big pile of tasty cakes for Spring Fling here she is off on her baking marathon. Only spent a couple of hours at the … Continue reading

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A less thinking post.

This has been a rather disjointed week for blogging I’m afraid, there have been a few very early starts and some late nights. It’s a bit crazy, throwing, force drying, decorating and then trying to get them ready to fire … Continue reading

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A complete day of slipping

I spent the entire day bar an hour at the end decorating pots, the floor is now awash with splashed slip especially from the one moneybox that I dropped from about 2 foot above the very full bucket of beautifully … Continue reading

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