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Weekend busyness

Tomorrow heading over to Laurieston village to set up a show in Phil McMenemy’s gallery with him, me and Amanda Simmons. It should be good, we usually have a good laugh together and hopefully we’ll get some visitors too. For … Continue reading

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Harvest Jug Wars

My big jug came out of the kiln yesterday Doug, you can tell we’ve both been looking at the same books recently. This is the largest in a set of three jugs. Still the smallest one to go but it … Continue reading

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It's a busy friday day.

What a list of things to do today, so long that I couldn’t even shake a stick at it. Some of it got done, some of it didn’t but isn’t that always the way. Monday’s list is forming as we … Continue reading

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Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate not being able to do things as I am used to being able to do things. It makes you realise just how much you take for granted. My hand is much less swollen now thankfully but it’s … Continue reading

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On sunday evening after we’d packed up our work at Bovey Tracey, myself, Helen and Lizzie got a Chinese take away and took it up onto the moors to Haytor. A quick stomp up the hill and a clamber on … Continue reading

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Day 3.

This morning we received a visit from 20 Japanese kids who are staying at a school nearby, they were really keen to see a pot throwing demo. They watched in silence as I centered the clay and then as I … Continue reading

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Day 1.

I’ve had some really lovely people through the workshop today, one couple who stumbled a few years ago upon a tiny wee studio on a railway station and fell in love with the pots of a certain Mr Paul Young, … Continue reading

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Pots and things.

Been a rather busy couple of days, too busy for much blogging. I’m glad Lizzie finally managed to have a look, she’s been promising me she’ll look for ages. She had a bunch of freshly cut willow brought over yesterday, … Continue reading

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The Joy of Sunny Days.

Aren’t they wonderful theese fabulous sunny days, I love it. Today was the first tea break of the year spent sat outside on my bench in the sun. May there be many more to come.My N.F.U.S plates were collected today, … Continue reading

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Now I remember. . .

So today it has started. I have finally begun to throw something other than plates. Just little 1lb cereal bowls, but nice things to decorate, and they’ll fill up the awkward spaces in the kiln that these plates are going … Continue reading

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