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All I need now is a hammock…

A small kiln shed extension was fashioned this weekend while I was away at Kindrogan. I like it, perfect for a hammock so as I can lie in it and pretend I’m lying on Ron’s porch in North Carolina, either … Continue reading

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Jug-Tastic Tuesday

Well, I’ve an order for 60 jugs to make at the moment, the customer is great as they don’t want them all at once and in a rush which is wonderful. Especially as this was the first one that I … Continue reading

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Scottish Potters at Kindrogan

This weekend I have mostly been demonstrating what I do. I was invited by the Scottish Potters Association to be one of their three demonstrators for the annual Spring weekend at Kindrogan in Perthshire. The other two were Jim Robison … Continue reading

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Flap Flap Flap

I’ve a string of pictures fro you here, partly because I am so very tired that I have not the energy to be writing much and if I do it will be even more gobble-de-gook than it usually is. I’m … Continue reading

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More pictures

Postcards arrived this afternoon. What do you think? This is the entrance to the ceramics rooms at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There are some big big pieces on the plinths around the room and you can just maybe make … Continue reading

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Welcome home

These little ladies were out waiting to welcome me home from London yesterday (except I took the picture this morning as it was dark when I came home but I’m sure they were there in spirit. Kindrogan was good, as … Continue reading

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Devon time

So if you hadn’t deduced where I scooted off to I’ve been to Devon to see Mr Fitch, a bit like going to London to visit the Queen but less corgi dogs and more galena. Apart from that it’s hard … Continue reading

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Meeester Fitch at work

Beautiful jugs even if he wasn’t happy with many of them. I’ve never really had the chance to watch Doug work before now. I do find watching people throwing a little odd though. It feels like I’m watching something I … Continue reading

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New acquisitions

Lots of new pots in the house after the weekend. Two little Hannah bowls that Doug had kindly fired for me along with a Doug / Hannah collaborative mug of which there are a few more at work, a lovely … Continue reading

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We're off in a motor car.

It’s been a long old day. Finally got some paperwork finished that I have been working on for what seems like an age, hope it is all ok. Anyway off to Perthshire tomorrow, really looking forward to the weekend. Two … Continue reading

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