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Flap Flap Flap

I’ve a string of pictures fro you here, partly because I am so very tired that I have not the energy to be writing much and if I do it will be even more gobble-de-gook than it usually is. I’m … Continue reading

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The end of one the start of another

The end of another year, yet again I wonder where on earth it went and what I did during it all. I just had a quick flick back through the blog and there’s a lot there however so I don’t … Continue reading

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Weekend catch up.

I spent the evening yesterday at Andy Priestman’s kiln. It was the first firing of his newly added to kiln, it used to be a single chamber and he’s added two more to the structure. I wasn’t there too long … Continue reading

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More kiln = More tired Hannah

My favourite tree of the moment. Oh but that might make my other favourite trees upset, my favourite tree that I see every time I sit in my kiln shed. Phew think I got away with that one. Slop on … Continue reading

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Look no hands!

Well what I mean is we took the former out this morning and the roof stayed up, I was a bit surprised, I hadn’t been convinced my slightly bodged out of many bits of bricks arch would be up to … Continue reading

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Arch ie bald the great

Apparently Archibald the Grim built Threave Castle just down the way from here in the 1370’s, I know this as Paul is just reading an article from the Galloway News as I write this but I thought called my kiln … Continue reading

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The mortar is AOK to go so today it went. Nearly at the top inside, vermiculite in between the two layers. Three more courses to do tomorrow and then it’s onto the next bit. I’m shattered, had a couple of … Continue reading

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Reached my limit

I got the last two straight courses of bricks up this morning in the pleasant part of the day that came before the torrential downpour and howling gale that have been going on ever since. The work so far is … Continue reading

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More bricks

Another day of building, I am shattered! It’s coming on though. Two more courses of bricks to go until the start of the arch. In the kiln, it’s still to have a layer of lightweight insulation bricks to go inside … Continue reading

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