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First Use and Lost-Counteth Use

I have made a new stamp as one way of marking my tenth year. This was it’s first use this afternoon as a sprig on a 3lb jug. Shortly followed by so many more that I have completely lost count … Continue reading

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Opened – Too Flipping Soon Fool That I Am

Well this morning the pyro was reading 80. I stuck my hand in through one of the spy holes and it didn’t feel as much as that so I took the four spies out and went and had a cuppa … Continue reading

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Organised / Chaos / Both?

Above: CalmBelow: Chaos

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Potfest and Dragons

This weekend I visited Potfest in the Pens in Penrith, I couldn’t resist, another whole big bunch of potters and pots and in relation to most of the other shows so very close to home, I had to go. I … Continue reading

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Offerings to Friendly Dragons

One of today’s happenings in the slightly bizarre world that I live in.

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Curvy jugs.

Recently I’ve been having a rather rambling dialogue with Alan about shape and other random topics but this jug I just think is a fabulous shape. I brought it back from New Zealand from a lady just outside Nelson whose … Continue reading

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