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As you requested

Today I was tempted to try to throw, I’m getting itchy fingers. I didn’t though, maybe tomorrow, I looked at the clay that Paul pugged for me the other night but it just made me feel a bit uncomfortable even … Continue reading

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No new ones yet so here's some oldies instead

Today I have been back in my workshop and it felt good. It’s long time since I was able to be there for more than a couple of minutes just popping in and out. I do love my little space … Continue reading

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More bricks

Another day of building, I am shattered! It’s coming on though. Two more courses of bricks to go until the start of the arch. In the kiln, it’s still to have a layer of lightweight insulation bricks to go inside … Continue reading

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Men at work – Happy Hannah

I remember once upon a time about 12 months ago putting up a post saying that we were making the foundation for the kiln and someone said they didn’t think I’d done anything as my dungarees were too clean. Well … Continue reading

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All sorts

Well yesterday I was over at Jason‘s place to “help” him fire his kiln. So up at 4am to light it and then finished at around 6pm, about two and a half or three tons of wood used and it … Continue reading

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I prefer them dressed

I’m much happier with these tall odd jugs now that they have handles and slip. The black one I much prefer, the white one was a bit disjointed as the phone range when I’d gotten just started and I should … Continue reading

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Oh what a thing.

So there I was last night minding my own business searching the net for images of Tudor pots, I googled just that and then the craziness started! It all went bananas and took itself off to it’s own little planet … Continue reading

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Cake in the oven

Had a good day today, unpacked a bisque firing, glazed it and repacked the kiln by 11 this morning, hence this will be a quick post as I have to run back down to the workshop in half an hour … Continue reading

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Jason Shackleton.

I went to visit Jason Shackleton yesterday, the chap that I did my apprenticeship with. I thought you might be interested to see some images from his pottery. This top picture is his kiln, wood fired 120 cubic foot. Rather … Continue reading

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Hannah's old pots.

I was just reading Ron’s blog about the pottery he visited this weekend and the pots there really reminded me of the work I was doing while I was a Jason’s doing my apprenticeship. I dug out an old photo … Continue reading

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