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Friday all day

This morning when I got to work there was a parcel waiting for me addressed as above. Made me smile, which was something I needed this morning. It contained a lovely new mug from Mr Paul Jessop which was very … Continue reading

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Monday Monday

“How do I love thee (oh book of Medieval Pottery in the Yorkshire Museum)?Let me count the ways.” Once again that slim little paper backed volume makes me long to be able to make pots even an ounce as beautifully … Continue reading

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Sitting in the Sunflowers and Thank You for Not Being an Estate Agent

This is part of the not always polite and orderly queuing system in operation by the myriad of birds that are faces at the feeding points in the garden. A lovely to place to wait your turn though don’t you … Continue reading

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Ne'er cast a clout till May be out

The sun has been out today though I did this morning maybe in a state of too eager a belief that summer was her, cast away my vest and long johns only to be cursing my rashness by the time … Continue reading

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Crispy days are wonderful

Cold and crisp, now that’s how winter is supposed to be. Another dragon type creature, this one doesn’t look at all scary, thinking about it, none of my dragons look scary. I was running a kids class at the CatStrand … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Wet slip again, it never doesn’t make me want to either take a bite from it or pour a bucket full of it all over myself. Why is that? Delicious stuff. Today I spent what felt like hours wrapping and … Continue reading

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Friday Feeling

Sunflower! The first one has flowered. It says “Giant” on the packet, this one is at least three foot tall. Hmmm. Nearly there, come on now little flower, you can do it. Big list to be tackled this morning and … Continue reading

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Off to London

Today I had the office staff from the Turning Point Scotland office in Dumfries at my workshop, they were all here to watch some demonstrations and have a try themselves at decorating some plates. I hope you all enjoyed your … Continue reading

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Splendid sunsets and slipware pots.

We have had a week of utterly fabulous weather, most of it I have spent inside on a course, inside in a photography studio and inside at a Scottish Potters meeting oh and driving to and from Edinburgh and Perth. … Continue reading

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It is wet and windy and I am fed up with it!

At least I didn’t lock myself out of the house today though. I did however manage to take some pictures. I had an afternoon in the workshop that I hadn’t anticipated which was good. Started to sgraffito this harvest jug, … Continue reading

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