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Wierd Week

Not sure yet what I think of these two ‘things’ they are I feel, sort of all there but not necessarily in the right order if you know what I mean, bellies too small and not quite in the right … Continue reading

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Well? I need you opinions please.

I need to have a new postcard printed of the 6″x4″ variety. I’m hoping to have a new leaflet too but that will have to wait till later in the year. This time I want a card that people will … Continue reading

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New pots = Happy Hannah

Well I got some pots out of a glaze kiln today. I thought it might be a disaster as there had been a power cut during the programme but if I could arrange with Scottish Power to do that at … Continue reading

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Slow fresh pots

These pots have been sat sitting in the kiln since saturday. I managed to unpack the kiln today which was at best awkward and at worst damn painful with the scraping of the back of the swollen hand down the … Continue reading

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