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Big Bang!

I had a bit of a fright this evening, I’d been slowly using the kiln all day to dry out some pots before I put them on the proper firing schedule. At about 6pm I turned the kiln on to … Continue reading

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October Frenzy

Here they are again, I have a sneaky feeling there’ll be a lot more where these come from the wee sweeties. What I haven’t decided is whether they are tiny little things or human sized, they are both at the … Continue reading

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To Autumn

To Paul, congratulations lovely. He and his runner Steven Smith cam first in the team event at the Hardrock Challenge on sunday. It’s a ten mile run and a seventeen mile bike ride round the red route of one of … Continue reading

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Sitting in the Sunflowers and Thank You for Not Being an Estate Agent

This is part of the not always polite and orderly queuing system in operation by the myriad of birds that are faces at the feeding points in the garden. A lovely to place to wait your turn though don’t you … Continue reading

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Funny Little People are out on the slip trailed jug. They did make me smile when I took them out of the kiln. It’s been a proper sunny day again today, summer is here in south west Scotland, for the … Continue reading

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Potfest and Dragons

This weekend I visited Potfest in the Pens in Penrith, I couldn’t resist, another whole big bunch of potters and pots and in relation to most of the other shows so very close to home, I had to go. I … Continue reading

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Offerings to Friendly Dragons

One of today’s happenings in the slightly bizarre world that I live in.

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