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Sunny Southern Slip Time

Here in the south west of England Spring has well and truly sprung. It was quite surprising traveling south last weekend and seeing how stark the difference is over those 400 miles. Up in Galloway the leaves on the Hawthorne … Continue reading

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A walk in the woods

Yesterday I wanted to decorate this large platter in the image above. I have been making a conscious effort recently to bring more depth into my work in terms of layers and building up of techniques. This is all very … Continue reading

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New things.

First off a tall, (once) dark,handsome man appeared on my doorstep. I have vague recollections of him but it seems like many a long year since I saw him, it’s been almost 2 months of a trip for him to … Continue reading

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How Long is Too Long?

[youtube] How long is too long to decorate a mug? I say this sort of without really needing an answer because in my mind they’re finished when they are finished and of course the price of the finished object … Continue reading

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Summer in March!

How on earth did we get from “throw it – la la la – geological ages pass – still the pots are nigh on as wet as the day they were thrown” to “throw it – blink – ahhh it … Continue reading

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Flapping February

The year started with me trying to make a conscious effort not to end up in a panic again over things and to make sure I concentrated on everything I did and not to flap so flipping much. Well I … Continue reading

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Jugs Jugs Jugs

I had a count up the other day. I have 47 jugs to decorate. Blimey, how did that happen? Better get those trailers flying. I’m liking these new jugs shapes. They’re very different to fit patterns onto but I’ve run … Continue reading

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I live in a lovely place.

Slip slop time. Don’t look at the dodgy looking 1 that looks like a 2 on the left hand jug though. Oops. I’ve been out and about today driving around the area. It was a stunningly beautiful day. I drove … Continue reading

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When it’s good it’s very very good and when it’s bad it’s horrid.

Wow! It’s a lovely sunny September time here in south west Scotland. Perfect drying weather for my pots. Thank goodness! I’ve been throwing and handling and slipping and trying to get through my list. After what feels like months of … Continue reading

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Slip Slop Slap

More slippy sloppy slabs in the pipeline. I think they’ll make more sense when I show you were there are coming from and where they are heading but that will have to wait for the time being. Some tall weird … Continue reading

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