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Very quick snaps for you, very excited Hannah

 There were about 80 or 90 pots in the firing. I unpacked this lunch time after much procrastinating and avoiding the issue.There are 3 that are under fired and one that broke. How’s that for a success rate? Am rather … Continue reading

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Friday all day

This morning when I got to work there was a parcel waiting for me addressed as above. Made me smile, which was something I needed this morning. It contained a lovely new mug from Mr Paul Jessop which was very … Continue reading

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Fire in the stove day

Today I conceded defeat and lit the stove, it was long fingered gloves on the ride to work day and lighting the stove to get some warmth in the place day. I came home and found this tiny little rose … Continue reading

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Look no hands!

Well what I mean is we took the former out this morning and the roof stayed up, I was a bit surprised, I hadn’t been convinced my slightly bodged out of many bits of bricks arch would be up to … Continue reading

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Last night we had a visit from the lovely Linda Bloomfield and her husband Henry and their three children who are all on their way north for their holidays. They all stayed in our little house and came down to … Continue reading

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Elves a plenty

My mum is getting in on the cake baking elf act now, she always makes a big pile of tasty cakes for Spring Fling here she is off on her baking marathon. Only spent a couple of hours at the … Continue reading

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I put these pots outside this morning in the sunshine to dry wondering how many more of these days I would be able to take advantage of this year, then about two hours later I was running in and out … Continue reading

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Stuff and all sorts.

I was a tad early on wednesday evening as I was heading over to New Galloway to Cubs and as is my want on such occasions I stopped off in a lay by on the edge of Loch Ken, I … Continue reading

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These things are sent to try us.

What a week! It’s been a funny one really, chaotic in some respects but at the same time a lot of waiting for things to happen before I could get on with the next bit. The worst of it is … Continue reading

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Pictures again.

The computer seems to be being friendly to my camera again. I have been really brave and taken a film of my workshop for you today but I think it might be a bit long as it still hadn’t downloaded … Continue reading

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