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Fire in the stove day

Today I conceded defeat and lit the stove, it was long fingered gloves on the ride to work day and lighting the stove to get some warmth in the place day. I came home and found this tiny little rose … Continue reading

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Sunshine all day!

How crazy is that candlestick!?! Here is the display case that I saw at Paisley museum on monday. These are all Jason’s pots and they are over twenty years old now, the puzzle jug at the back says 1981. He … Continue reading

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New pots.

Unpacked a reasonably successful glaze firing this morning, some of those plates that I had photographed when they were freshly decorated. I’m really taken with this fat bird and the “crocheted” tree. I like the fact that it isn’t trapped … Continue reading

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Plates and candle things.

Finally got the pictures up that I took back last week sometime after I had had a plate decorating frenzy. Some are a bit mad and some are madder. I fired a couple of plates last month before the Geffrye … Continue reading

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Slip trailers in action.

A day for lots of decorating today, it felt like it took far too long, I always underestimate how long these things take. I had some fat jugs to be trailed and a couple to be sgraffitoed, along with a … Continue reading

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Once there's a reason it makes more sense.

I feel ill, that’s why I can’t find any umphh, I’m sneezing and gasping for breath at the slightest thing and dizzy if I stand up too fast and my sinus’ are ever so slightly pressured. I feel better just … Continue reading

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Shout and scream and jump up and down, then drink tea.

Arghhhhhhh! I think I counted my chickens before they hatched. I have just unpacked my kiln this morning and have managed to salvage about 4 pots from it. The top is completely underfired and the bottom is over again. The … Continue reading

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I'll be back. .

I’m home and I had a fab weekend and I’m tired and my kiln man was here for nearly 5 hours today bless him, hoping hoping hoping he’s sorted it out, still have to get the electrician out too to … Continue reading

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More big jugs.

More decorating today, I finished the two big jugs that I had left spending a ridiculous amount of time on one of them as you can hopefully tell from the picture. The two fat birds are on opposing sides of … Continue reading

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Big Fat Birds.

I love the pheasants and the partridges that spend their (somewhat short) lives trundling around about here. The little fat partridges with exaggerated plumage keep finding their way onto my pots. I suppose they get immortalised that way. (Photography: Euan … Continue reading

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