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Galloway News Article

I don’t know if this will be big enough for you to read, I hope so. Apart from the fact that I’m not open to the public apart from at Spring Fling and that Jason is helping me build a … Continue reading

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More pictures

Postcards arrived this afternoon. What do you think? This is the entrance to the ceramics rooms at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There are some big big pieces on the plinths around the room and you can just maybe make … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend of Sunshine

This photo is not a result of me and my chainsaw running amok. It was like that when I got there – honest! It’s at Dumfries House up in Cumnock, we went over on saturday on the glorious sunshine, driving … Continue reading

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Cumnock Pottery

Over the new year we visited the Dumfries Museum, I think I mentioned it at the time. I was looking at the two or three pieces of Cumnock pottery that they have there which is a slipware pottery made up … Continue reading

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