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Dragon Monday

Here they are, the dragons are out. Fired up and ready to go as you might say. They are a bit, erm, well, probably rather a lot different from my “normal” pots. They are a little burst of madness from … Continue reading

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'ere be dragons

Dragon days are good days. I got 4 of the 5 jugs slipped today and one I’ve left to sgraffito maybe tomorrow. They are maybe less dragon like that they were in my head and more just weird beastie like. … Continue reading

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Monday Slippy Slidy Day

Dragon jugs have been headed and handled today. I was chatting to Amanda the other day about how fun it is to make mad stuff but really what do we do with them afterwards. There are not that huge a … Continue reading

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Inspiration from your experiences

So who’s brave enough to try to tell me that I don’t actually have tiny dragons come and sit on my doorstep for a natter and a bowl of tea?

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