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Drowning in Jugs

This jug was meant to have something else entirely on it but I wasn’t concentrating when I stirred the slip and didn’t realise till it was too late that it was too thick for what I wanted. So it ended … Continue reading

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October Frenzy

Here they are again, I have a sneaky feeling there’ll be a lot more where these come from the wee sweeties. What I haven’t decided is whether they are tiny little things or human sized, they are both at the … Continue reading

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Bottle of white, Bottle of red

Sorry the pictures have now gotten a bit skewed in order, this should be half way down the page, Amanda Simmons and myself enjoying a glass of bubbly at the gala evening of the Origin show. This is going to … Continue reading

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Funny Little People are out on the slip trailed jug. They did make me smile when I took them out of the kiln. It’s been a proper sunny day again today, summer is here in south west Scotland, for the … Continue reading

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Potfest and Dragons

This weekend I visited Potfest in the Pens in Penrith, I couldn’t resist, another whole big bunch of potters and pots and in relation to most of the other shows so very close to home, I had to go. I … Continue reading

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Offerings to Friendly Dragons

One of today’s happenings in the slightly bizarre world that I live in.

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Look no hands!

Well what I mean is we took the former out this morning and the roof stayed up, I was a bit surprised, I hadn’t been convinced my slightly bodged out of many bits of bricks arch would be up to … Continue reading

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Last pots of 2009

The snow around us is about gone but the side roads like the one we live on are pretty grim. Unpacked the kiln this morning for the last time of 2009, some lovely looking pots came out which is a … Continue reading

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Crispy days are wonderful

Cold and crisp, now that’s how winter is supposed to be. Another dragon type creature, this one doesn’t look at all scary, thinking about it, none of my dragons look scary. I was running a kids class at the CatStrand … Continue reading

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Slicingly cold horizontal rain forced at you by a very strong cold wind makes for. . .

. . . a very fast cycle journey home! If I put this dragon dish on the other day I apologise but I couldn’t remember. I like him. More where he came from I think. Another of my big candlesticks, … Continue reading

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