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Bring on the wood kiln!!!!

Oh my what a weekend! I fell in love with a pretty little (or not so little) bottle kiln and the things it does to pots. How exciting. I honestly don’t know where to start with it all. I went … Continue reading

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Sunny Jolly Day.

Well what a jolly weather day, it was lovely, sun in the sky, birds singing, the little wren showing his lady friend around the spacious and very attractive nest he’s been building in the barn at work. I hope she … Continue reading

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It'll be a ramble so be prepared.

Ok, where do I begin? I have a feeling this will be a bit of a rambling disjointed entry so please bear with me. The salt glaze weekend was great, I really enjoyed it. I was in a crazy B&B … Continue reading

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I'll be back. .

I’m home and I had a fab weekend and I’m tired and my kiln man was here for nearly 5 hours today bless him, hoping hoping hoping he’s sorted it out, still have to get the electrician out too to … Continue reading

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Big Plates.

Here we go, as suggested by Doug I beat out the base (6lb), rolled a 1m long sausage (8lb) and added the sausage to the base. It’s the biggest plate I’ve ever made, at the moment it measures 58cm diameter … Continue reading

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Cows and blog visitors.

Well since I last wrote I have started (and now finished) the cows. I’d kept putting it off as I was a bit nervous of starting them. Anyway now they are all on their and I quite like them. All … Continue reading

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