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Firing Number Three

[youtube]  Here you go with the film version of my firing last week on possibly the hottest day of the year so far. Lots of lovely birdies for you and some proper fabulous countryside. It never ceases to amaze … Continue reading

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Summer in March!

How on earth did we get from “throw it – la la la – geological ages pass – still the pots are nigh on as wet as the day they were thrown” to “throw it – blink – ahhh it … Continue reading

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I Scout. Do you? Have you ever? Would you again? Why do I? Why don’t you? I do for lots of reasons. To begin with, years back when I joined as a Venture Scout it was because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Autumn Days

Autumn means berry hunting with my Cubs, they were making autumn collections this week, they looked great though not entirely edible. I was away in London at the weekend at Ceramics in the City at the Geffrye Museum. It’s one … Continue reading

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June!? Really? Could have fooled me!

“Slip…” has just today closed at the Ruthin Craft Centre in Denbighshire in North Wales. I hadn’t ever been to the craft centre before but it’s reputation for presenting high quality exciting exhibitions by contemporary craft workers in Britain is … Continue reading

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Off in the morning

Tomorrow I’ll be off, train down to London first to meet Mr. Fitch and then one of those big bus like things with wings to take us over the water to America. Looking forward to meeting lots of blogging potters … Continue reading

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Usually by this stage in the preceedings ie a week before Spring Fling, complete chaos has taken rule over my life and I’m running around like a headless chicken. For some reason this year it appears that mild bemusement has … Continue reading

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Ouch itch scratch

Well here I back from Cub camp, we were blessed with some glorious weather which makes everything so much easier. The mighty midges were out in force for what I think must be their first proper feed this summer and … Continue reading

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Stuff and all sorts.

I was a tad early on wednesday evening as I was heading over to New Galloway to Cubs and as is my want on such occasions I stopped off in a lay by on the edge of Loch Ken, I … Continue reading

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Back to pots.

Blogger Paul’s other fetching head wear. I managed to throw a couple of pots today, feel oh so much better for having done that. I also managed to pack up pots to go to The Coach House in Pittenweem who … Continue reading

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