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Bring on the wood kiln!!!!

Oh my what a weekend! I fell in love with a pretty little (or not so little) bottle kiln and the things it does to pots. How exciting. I honestly don’t know where to start with it all. I went … Continue reading

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Off tomorrow

The pots are packed, still waiting for my shelves to be finished, the plan is to pick them up in Rhonehouse on my way out tomorrow, a friend is making me some new shelves as I’m never satisfied with what … Continue reading

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Monday monday

Yeah Paul came back yesterday, we went out for a walk up in the Dalbeattie woods (I’m a red head the sun gets to me pretty easily.) Fabulous day, just beautiful, and again today, that is I do believe almost … Continue reading

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Not as bad as I'd feared.

I opened it this morning and didn’t shout or scream. The bottom and middle appear to both be fine but the top is still under fired, at least it’s heading in the right direction and nothing is completly ruined. Phew! … Continue reading

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Sun sun sun and no kitchen sinks.

Lots of decorating for me this morning, little birdies and zig–zag patterns on the mugs and jugs, they are drying out fast, I’m really not used to this weather, it’s been ages since I have had to wrap pots up … Continue reading

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Sunny Jolly Day.

Well what a jolly weather day, it was lovely, sun in the sky, birds singing, the little wren showing his lady friend around the spacious and very attractive nest he’s been building in the barn at work. I hope she … Continue reading

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Pots and things.

Been a rather busy couple of days, too busy for much blogging. I’m glad Lizzie finally managed to have a look, she’s been promising me she’ll look for ages. She had a bunch of freshly cut willow brought over yesterday, … Continue reading

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Oh my goodness!

Just had a morning with my photographer at work. Some nice clean shots of work and then a couple of really lovely looking pictures in my friend Hazel’s gorgeous kitchen. Watch this space, I’ll let you see them when I … Continue reading

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