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Peace and Hope.

Here for you is the last slip trailing of 2012. This is about 17″ diameter and is an order for a customer. It is sitting in the workshop now drying out over the next wee while. I am having at … Continue reading

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Films for Friday.

[youtube] I hope you can see these ok. They’re not amazing but might be fun to watch. I’ve tried to keep them short and sweet but hopefully with the important bits in there. Nothing worse than having to wade … Continue reading

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Fitch / McAndrew pots in the hands of happy people

Look at this great picture that turned up in my inbox this week. Mugs made at Liberty Town last year and all in use by their smiling happy owners. Thank you for sending that you lovely people. Wish I was … Continue reading

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Opened – Too Flipping Soon Fool That I Am

Well this morning the pyro was reading 80. I stuck my hand in through one of the spy holes and it didn’t feel as much as that so I took the four spies out and went and had a cuppa … Continue reading

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Things got done today

Hurrah! I managed to get a good bunch of things on the “to do” list done today. That makes me feel much better. I had two chargers needed slipping which have been a sat sitting for a good few weeks … Continue reading

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Reclaiming my "Oops!"

At the demo at Taena the other week I kept being asked “but doesn’t your slip ever splat out of your trailers?” Answer – YES!!!!! This morning on a big charger that I was decorating. Oops Oops and double Oops. … Continue reading

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Monday monday

Sgraffitoed these little cups and saucers today for an order. I’m really into this crazy daisy at the moment, I think this might be the summer of crazy daisies. This afternoon I made up some extra sandy clay and threw … Continue reading

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All sorts

Well yesterday I was over at Jason‘s place to “help” him fire his kiln. So up at 4am to light it and then finished at around 6pm, about two and a half or three tons of wood used and it … Continue reading

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Regular Service Resumed

Now at the risk of appearing totally unprofessional a question for you. . . Can you name the creatures that left the marks in these photos in the snow in Galloway yesterday? Not one little flake of snow today and … Continue reading

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