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A walk in the woods

Yesterday I wanted to decorate this large platter in the image above. I have been making a conscious effort recently to bring more depth into my work in terms of layers and building up of techniques. This is all very … Continue reading

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Shelf-tastic Satutrday

Finally got my shelves up, I need more shelves! I struggled with keeping safe all the unfinished pots that I had in the quantity I needed them in to fill my wood kiln. I just didn’t have enough surfaces. These … Continue reading

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February Already?

I love the pancheon shape but have never made them before. They tend to be simply slipped and stunning for it and I figured that diidn’t match me too well. I just realised this week that they didn’t have to … Continue reading

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Still Movement Volume III

Here you go, some more images from ‘Still Movement’. This first one is ‘Of Reeds’, the image of Phil’s that it is worked from is just further down the post here. Thought I’d show you where these pieces came from … Continue reading

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Flat wet stuff

I’ve been getting my slip trailing wrist back into the swing of things this last day or so. Hope you like them. Not many words for you today. Too tired. Sorry. Oh and some finished tiles, these are approximately 6″ … Continue reading

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Flowers and Stress and Tea

Somebody took some notice of one of my past blog posts bless them and came to visit this week armed with a posy of flowers from their garden. Thanks Zoe! This week I have been mostly rolling slabs of clay. … Continue reading

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New pots and news

More strange wading birds today. It’s been another slip fest here today and I am loving it. I really like this plate above, it’s thin white slip and thick white slip and then trailed slip too. Nice looking at this … Continue reading

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Sunny weather sunny pots.

The view from the bird hide on Lamb Island up in the river near here. There were no birds hiding in there though, there never are unless it’s just that I never see them and they are doing an amazing … Continue reading

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Seven Year Itch

Friday again, feels like it’s been a long time coming this week. Unpacked another glaze kiln this afternoon and some more pots that I like a lot lot lot have come out, I didn’t have much time at the end … Continue reading

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Slippy day in another way!

Guess the inspiration of the staring owl / bird of prey Amanda! I’ve been brushing slip on my pots today, I think I’ve said this before, it’s not something I do often but keep meaning to have a play with … Continue reading

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