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Scottish Potters at Kindrogan

This weekend I have mostly been demonstrating what I do. I was invited by the Scottish Potters Association to be one of their three demonstrators for the annual Spring weekend at Kindrogan in Perthshire. The other two were Jim Robison … Continue reading

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I thought you might be interested to see my newest acquisition. It’s the lovely fat jar on the right there nestled in with a Doug jug and an Alan jug and a tiny little Hannah jug and a shard. It’s … Continue reading

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As you requested

Today I was tempted to try to throw, I’m getting itchy fingers. I didn’t though, maybe tomorrow, I looked at the clay that Paul pugged for me the other night but it just made me feel a bit uncomfortable even … Continue reading

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Pre Fling Friday

I just had Blogger Andrew giving me a hand with some pre Fling preparation this morning which was great, thanks Andrew, hope Potfest is going to be good for you.So the shelves are up, the gazebo is up, in the … Continue reading

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Chaos v Calm

Well I have started early this year. Usually my pre Spring Fling mega clean and tidy up starts at about 11am on the friday in a panic. Today I believe is wednesday and I have done loads. I’ve been working … Continue reading

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Long time no blog.

Well I’ve been all over the place since my last post, Potfest where I met lots of people that read this blog and sold lots of pots met lots of fab potters, more later. AND I came home to have … Continue reading

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Blimey ‘eck and ee by gum – that is for the pleasure and amusement of Blogger Dan who said he wished you could hear my accent in my blog. Really fab to meet you Dan, if you get even a … Continue reading

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Hot tired and tired and shattered but exstatic!

This firing offers huge thanks to blogger Andrew for his constant and helpful text responses and blogger Doug.

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Earth and Fire

A quick picture of the Northern Potters stand at Earth and Fire at Rufford this weekend. Members of the NPA were offered the chance to exhibit at Earth and Fire on a group stand and four of us were selected … Continue reading

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