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Offerings to Friendly Dragons

One of today’s happenings in the slightly bizarre world that I live in.

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Usually by this stage in the preceedings ie a week before Spring Fling, complete chaos has taken rule over my life and I’m running around like a headless chicken. For some reason this year it appears that mild bemusement has … Continue reading

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Decorating Day

Hurray! I got lots of pots rescued from under their plastic world today, many have been sat there for a couple of weeks. I felt a bit rusty to start with and I felt I had a lot of pressure … Continue reading

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Trees and rain or trees in the rain

It’s been raining for what feels like an age but I think in fact is only about 36 hours. We had a soggy but great walk at Mabie Forest on monday and along with all the plantation of spruce that’s … Continue reading

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