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F f f firing tomorrow

A little contrast in the weather while packing the kiln today compared to what was flung at us at the end of January when we fired last. A glorious day here in Galloway today and the sound track of birdsong … Continue reading

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A Slippy Week’s Work

Phew, it’s been an awfully long and tiring sort of week this week, everything has been kind of hard work, it’s been cold and wet and windy and a bit quiet and lonely. I’ve had lots to do though so … Continue reading

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A Bit Doug Fitch

I slipped these two jugs this morning. It’s crazy wild gales here at the moment. Now I quite like a bit of a storm but this has been nasty today. I ‘rode’ to work this morning – derrrrrr. Not a … Continue reading

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Fresh Slip – Finally

Yippee! Fresh wet slip. Only on the one jug as the dragons were still too soft but they’ll be getting it tomorrow all being well. I’ve a couple more of these large jugs which are to be sgraffitoed, one for … Continue reading

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Today I have been. . .

. . . throwing bottoms of jugs. I know they look weird but bear with me a couple of days would you. Thanks for all the votes on the postcard issue, it seems a clear cut decision on behalf of … Continue reading

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New pots quickly.

Unpacked the kiln this morning quickly as I had to be off elsewhere all day but I also had to pack up the high heels and handbags plate to be couriered this morning too. Here’s a shot of the whole … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend of Sunshine

This photo is not a result of me and my chainsaw running amok. It was like that when I got there – honest! It’s at Dumfries House up in Cumnock, we went over on saturday on the glorious sunshine, driving … Continue reading

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Today I just had to. . .

THROW!I have been desperate to throw some pots for the last couple of weeks, some proper pots, not just the wee bowls I managed the other day. I’ve big big fat jugs on the brain all week too so today … Continue reading

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This is my 203rd post.

What did I do with my evenings before I had a blog? I have absolutely no idea. I think it was January I started this shenanigans, all Mr Fitch’s fault really but here I am my 203rd post. I wonder … Continue reading

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Oh blitherin' 'eck.

Lots of decorating was the order of the day, and so I started with a board of cereal bowls all in the Birdie design and I counted that one of them alone had 107 dots on it. A little excessive … Continue reading

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