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Friday day.

Busy busy day today, so flipping much on my to do list, that and trying to make head or tail of the chaos after the election yesterday. You know when I was little I used to think when my mum … Continue reading

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Glaze out bisque in.

The kiln is working hard at the moment for the last couple of weeks and the next 10 days or so it’s in – on – up – cool- out – in – on – up – cool – out … Continue reading

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Pics of rocks and pots.

I like rocks. The coast round our way is like a scene straight from my geology text book. Mr Morrison would like it. Wiggly see creatures I like too. I like this bowl very very much, this is the outside … Continue reading

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All sorts

Well yesterday I was over at Jason‘s place to “help” him fire his kiln. So up at 4am to light it and then finished at around 6pm, about two and a half or three tons of wood used and it … Continue reading

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Home again.

Firstly I would like to say that I have just heard the sad news that Simon Carroll has died after being very poorly. I didn’t know the man at all but I have seen him demonstrate which was quite a … Continue reading

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Home sweet home.

Here I am home again and it’s been wild and raining all day after I’ve been stuck inside for the last four days while it’s been gloriously sunny! Sod’s law I suppose. Well I am as always glad to be … Continue reading

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I think it's summer!

Wow what a day, utterly fabulously sunny and very very hot, the rain is currently bouncing off the ground but until an hour ago it was a proper summers day. I had pots sitting happily in the sun all day … Continue reading

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I found this not so wee monster on his back in the middle of my workshop floor this morning, how on earth he got there I have no idea. Never seen one like that around these parts before. Being as … Continue reading

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Back in the workshop after a weekend in the sun and raring to go. Set to with a rack of mugs, it being almost Potfest and me having only a couple of mugs on the shelves at the moment. Then … Continue reading

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Day two for the sponge

The new sponge is not endearing itself to me. It doesn’t so much soak liquid up as just move it around. Hmmm. Did some more throwing this afternoon, a couple of big platters and a big big bowl.If it makes … Continue reading

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