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Sitting in the Sunflowers and Thank You for Not Being an Estate Agent

This is part of the not always polite and orderly queuing system in operation by the myriad of birds that are faces at the feeding points in the garden. A lovely to place to wait your turn though don’t you … Continue reading

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End of week, and a busy week at that though it feels like very little has been accomplished. Don’t you just hate it when it feels like that. I think I’ve found myself in a “oh my goodness what on … Continue reading

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The beasties are finished now. The top two are oil drizzlers and the two in the piture underneath are money boxes. Lots of new pots in the workshop at the moment, it’s becoming a bit crowded in there – again. … Continue reading

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Yummy little mugs and friendly beasties

I unpacked a kiln this morning, the first finished pots of 2010. I haven’t been so excited about unpacking a kiln in ages, partly because I haven’t in fact unpacked a kiln in ages and partly because everything in there … Continue reading

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Slippy beasts.

I finally got around to slipping the beasts this afternoon, interesting as how on earth do you hold that and shake it without dropping it over smashing it’s nose into the bucket? I ended up hanging them upside down with … Continue reading

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