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Thursday that feels like Friday

I’m all messed up with what day of the week it is, yesterday felt like monday and today feels like friday so where my head is I have no idea. I had a minor panic this afternoon realising that my … Continue reading

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Home sweet home.

Here I am home again and it’s been wild and raining all day after I’ve been stuck inside for the last four days while it’s been gloriously sunny! Sod’s law I suppose. Well I am as always glad to be … Continue reading

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Well day one over and done with. Amanda and me are sat sitting in the front room of the flat we have rented drinking tea and pulling apart the days happenings or in my case the days none happenings. It’s … Continue reading

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Not so sunny day.

On my way home I came across the scene above, dropped my bike at the gate and headed into the freshly ploughed field. I had been meandering around for a while staring at the floor and randomly bending down to … Continue reading

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Softly softly does it.

Dodgy photo, suits a rather dodgy bit of throwing really. Dodgy but at least I did some. Very very soft clay and I could just about manage but it was awkward as I had to try to keep my index … Continue reading

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New pots.

Lots of throwing today, new bowl shapes, I’m really into new shapes and new decoration at the moment. I’m making in a way that I don’t usually make. Usually I would throw batches of the same thing and decorate in … Continue reading

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