Catch Up Post

Paul and MarionSorry it has been a while. Life has been very busy. We have been the following:

Guests at a wonderful wedding of lovely friends.

Thrown DishesThrowing pots.

Slip Trail Large DishSlip trailing pots.

Tulip DishGlazing and firing pots.

Elizabethan Coat of ArmsDecorating complicated pots (and cursing when they crack in the bisque kiln).

Doug and his boysHaving something called a holiday, (which I am enjoying and getting the hang of now) with Doug and his boys.

Edinburgh FestivalVisiting Edinburgh during the festival time and having a great day out.

Ron's MugsDrinking from fab new Ron Philbeck mugs. We fair love them.

HappyBeing happy.


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3 Responses to Catch Up Post

  1. mimi says:

    so good to see all of the above!

  2. Dennis Allen says:

    Love the ” Being Happy” part. Paul and Marion’s wedding looked like a fun event. They looked so posh, but then we didn’t see their shoes. Any clay on them?

  3. Ron Deaver says:

    Cool. The festival setting in Edinburgh is awesome. Thanks. The wedding appears to have been very elegant.

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