Castlegate House Gallery

Remember this sgraffito jug from the other week? It was in the wood kiln last week and it’s going to be heading away with me tomorrow to Cumbria. It is to be exhibited in the first show by Christine and Steve Swallow, the new owners of the Castlegate House Gallery in Cockermouth. Their exhibition ‘A New Era’ opens on friday evening at 6pm with work from artists including Sheila Fell and Percy Kelly, to Carel Weight, Geoffrey Key, Peter Shaw and Alistair Grant. Their first potters to be shown are the mighty Paul Young and Doug Fitch and little old me. Might I see you there?

I found this this afternoon. Just as I was flagging and getting rather frustrated with pots that don’t dry out in this muggy damp damp weather I happened upon this bar of chocolate brought over the seas by Mr Finnegan. That perked me up and got me to the end of the day. I had forgotten that I had hidden it away for just such an occasion. Perfect! It’s not like me to forget that I have chocolate anywhere but what with going away to Hatfield it had slipped my mind entirely.

Finally here are a lot of the pots from the firing. I am happy that I have been able to select good pots to send to the exhibition and have good pots to take to Potfest. It’s always such a relief.

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2 Responses to Castlegate House Gallery

  1. Ron Philbeck says:

    Yum, chocolate.
    Have fun in Cumbria. Is that where Mike Dodd lives? Well anyway. Pots look super!

    Ps. I really like the password system you have here on this blog. The easiest to read ever.

  2. gz says:

    Dark Chocolate and Ginger…The Best!!!!
    Mike Dodd moved from Cumbria a while ago…

    I didn’t realise that Barnbarroch Pottery isn’t so far from you!

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