Cake in the oven

Had a good day today, unpacked a bisque firing, glazed it and repacked the kiln by 11 this morning, hence this will be a quick post as I have to run back down to the workshop in half an hour or so to turn the bottom bank of elements down for the end of the firing. Bit of a pain but it works.
The I packed up some work to go to The Broughton Gallery up near Biggar. It’s a lovely gallery in a fabulous place and last year Bill there did really well with my work. It’s good to be sending him some more pots.

Spent the afternoon throwing and I really enjoyed it, I was thinking I had a whole uninterrupted week of making ahead of me but then Jason rang. He’s the potter I use to work for and he is going to help me build my kiln. He’s packing his huge kiln for a bisque tomorrow so now I am off over there to give him a hand with that tomorrow, it’s always good to see him and it always makes for an entertaining day to say the least.

Then when I get home tomorrow I will ice the birthday cake that I have just tried to secretly make this evening without Paul knowing (very hard in a tiny house, the chocolaty cakey smell kind of gave it away I think.) It’s his birthday on Wednesday though he would gladly ignore it if he could bless him, thinks that past 40 and they shouldn’t happen anymore. In fact probably before 40 if he’s honest.
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3 Responses to Cake in the oven

  1. Ron says:

    Hey Hannah-banna, Wow thanks for the great mug! I am in such a good mood tonight having a new pot and thankful for all my blogging pals. Hope you have fun seeing Jason as you two work hard loading the kiln. Happy b-day to Paul.Look forward to seeing the pots out of your glaze kiln.Thanks again!r

  2. ang says:

    thats a nice looking gallery space H..I’m taking some work up to the barossa this week brand new gallery should be interesting…

  3. paul jessop says:

    Wow that place looks amazing, I love the line about preserving arts & crafts from the bad effects of mass production for both the maker and the consumer.

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