Busy Day

It feels like it’s been an age since I have decorated any pots, only a week in actual fact but somehow seems much longer. Funny that isn’t how time sometimes doesn’t fit with how it should feel, like the fact that monday just gone made it four years since Paul and me got together, in some respects it seems like a life time ago, far more than four years and in others it’s just like yesterday.

So a couple of newly decorated plates, these two inspired by some little slip pots that I saw when I visited Mary Wondrausch the other week.

I spent this morning in the company of Andy Priestman, a potter and painter friend who I know I’ve mentioned before. He came to decorate a pot for the twelve pots exhibition. Andy is the only other potter involved and I wanted to work with him because I like his pots and he doesn’t decorate as such on his own work so I thought it would make for an interesting combination.

He brought with him a mug for me and a lump of clay now how much better a visitor can you get? A mug AND a lump of clay, how lucky am I? It just shows how easy it is to win me over.

I had a mug of Andy’s a while ago which I smashed in a quite disastrous day taking out I think it was two mugs and a teapot all in one foul swoop. Anyhow here’s my new one which has been enjoyed many times today already.

And here’s my wild clay, it is from Luce Bay, to the far west of here, I’ve made a little pot this afternoon, a small bowl but I haven’t cleaned the clay or anything so we shall see what happens. Exciting day!

I also had some visitors in the form of some returning customers bringing with them a friend of theirs who had just finished a pottery course. It turned out that I already know their friend who is a fellow Scottish Potters Association member Bill Runciman who has just finished at Glasgow School of Art doing the distance learning course. It was great to see them and we had some good potting chat with them too.
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  1. ang says:

    oh super H just lovely to see you decoing again…as my holiday too seems like yesterday and a year ago…

  2. As Bob Dylan once wrote about your work, Hannah, "Bow down to her on Sunday, salute her when her birthday comes." Nice slipwork.

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