Busy busy busy.

This weekend coming I am going to be exhibiting as guest to the Bay Potters who are having their annual Christmas show at Organico in Stavely in the beautiful Lake District. If you are able to visit it would be great to see you there, there will be a good variety of pots on show from the strong stoneware forms of my friend James Hake to the exciting tile panels of Maggie Angus Berkowitz.

So it’s been a busy old couple of weeks trying to get pots finished and dried and into the kiln in readiness for this show with the Bay Potters and then another few that are coming up over the next few weeks. These pots above are big versions of my lovely little Dutch pot, they are 6lb of clay and are about erm 8″ diameter I think. I’m maybe going to put handles on them tomorrow, we’ll see what I feel like in the morning.

It’s been a beautifully sunny and warm weekend and we had a couple of good friends popped up to visit us. Had a good ride out one day in the sunshine, bliss, much fun was had by all and only one proper crash which thankfully wasn’t me. You can just about make out, in between the gravel and the trees, dodgy photo taking sorry, myself and Paul and Rick and Emma.

We also had a jaunt out to the coast and myself and Emma of course had to have a go on this funky swing. There is a video hanging around somewhere of that, it was a great playground, lucky kids of Auchencairn.
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  1. potterboy says:

    I’ve just realised, I know one of the other potters at the Bay Potters thing – John Kershaw. He was on the kiln course at Nic’s in August. Nice chap.

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