Busy Busy Busy

Good evening loyal bloggers and bloggettes, it’s been as I so often seem to say, a chaotic few weeks. This last weekend I was showing at the lovely Corsock Christmas Craft Fair, much fun was had by all, many beautiful objects found new homes and lots of cake was eaten.

This week as you will see from the video has been all about packing parcels. A few dozen yards of bubble wrap, a couple of reels of parcel tape and many scavenged cardboard boxes later and the orders are ready for off. I hope that they are all enjoyed in their new homes when they get there.

If you haven’t gotten around to sorting out all your Christmas presents yet (no me neither, barely even thought about it actually) then it’s not too late to order pots. We still have some left believe it or not, I told you we had been working hard this year. I have some new pieces up in my online shop which can still be sent to you over the next week or two.


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  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Thanks Hannah. Hope you and Doug have the best Christmas ever.

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