Bumbling and a stumbling

Eee bye gum what a week. I have for the most part been in hibernation. Digging yourself under a mound of cosy blankets and warm woollies is all there is for it (physically and mentally). Here we are though at friday again and where did the week go? What have I gotten done in that time? Did the joiner arrive when he claimed he would? To the last question – no of course he didn’t!
I have been slowly working away, finishing some last minute orders and getting pots ready for the show this weekend. All being well this sunday is Corsock Village Craft Fair. It’s held in the village hall in Corsock, if you don’t know the village then when you get to the sign announcing that you are there don’t blink or else you’ll be out the other side and have missed the hall on the way. It’s open from 11am till 3pm and will be full of wonderful crafts and tasty cakes. The entry fee is £1 but includes tea and cakes and chatter. You can’t get much better than that can you? The road to Corsock from Crocketford is one of the gritters and snowploughs routes so that way should be kept relatively clear unlike the road here up past the house and down to the workshop.

Until today there wasn’t masses of snow around so not much opportunity for the decorating of path ways but I did manage some at least. I’ve spent a lot of time this week procrastinating rather than stick my arm into the bucket of slip to mix it. I replaced the settled out water on the top with hot water but it wasn’t enough to make any real impact. Gritted teeth were needed.

The thing the other day that made me laugh but that I had forgotten so couldn’t tell you went like this.
A letter arrived at the workshop from the TV licencing people. I’m used to having them come to the house, they seem unable to believe that someone may not actually have a TV in their home anyway this one came to the workshop. It said to ring them to discuss this so I did. The conversation with a young sounding chap went as follows:
Him – Good morning TV Licencing
Me – Morning, I have a letter asking me to buy a TV licence but I’d like to register that I don’t have a TV please.
Him – Are you sure?
Now hang on let me think about this, I’ll just go and check in case one sneaked in when I wasn’t looking, remember Evil Edna? She had legs so it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility.
Me – Yes I’m sure.
Him – OK, but I don’t here that many times a day.
Me – Oh.
Him – We might send someone round to check.
Me – That’s fine.
Him – Good that’s done then, I’ve registered you for the free over 75’s TV licence. Is there anything else I can do for you today?
Me – Ermmmm.
Anyway then he realised what he’d just said and we had a laugh and that was that. It probably isn’t amusing at all in the retelling but it made me chuckle and be slightly bemused by the time I put the phone down. That was before I tried getting the solicitor in the phone, that is one hell of a difficult thing to do, how do they manage to be so evasive? Do they teach that in law college? The cynical part of me thinks it’s so that they can write you a letter instead in answer to your phone message and then charge for the pleasure of it. The last three letters they’ve sent have been each only one line in content. Madness.

I’m hoping that next week I’ll be able to get some new pots made, I’ve a few things stuck in my head that need to come out in clay and the few weeks before Christmas are often a good time for starting to have a play with new ideas. Hopefully the joiner will turn up and start work on my new workshop too, maybe if all my blog readers think thoughts of sending him along the road to Lochdougan hammer and nails in hand then it might have some effect. Lets try that, on the count of three, one, two three…..

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6 Responses to Bumbling and a stumbling

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    He'll be there tomorrow, or maybe the day after.

  2. that wise owl is pretty wonderful.and the conversation….pretty funny.Stay warm!

  3. Anna says:

    i bought my first kiln last week! So now you and I can race to the "new studio" finish…as I have to get ahold of the electrician, the carpenter,….! 🙂

  4. ang says:

    oh H priceless convo about the tellie…it's a new set of rules they run by no is not an answer apparently 😛 bizaare, i tried to cancel a card a while back and somehow got wrangled into some new deal ….now how did that happen …..:))

  5. Hi H, Hope you got to Corsock, I dithered all morning after a really scary drive back from New Galloway on Saturday.Good luck with the new workshop.

  6. Hannah says:

    Hi Geoff, good to hear from you. Corsock was good thanks, we missed you but I don't blame you at all for not risking it. Take care up there in the wilds.

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