Build me a. . .

Chilly old misty morning today, very autumnal, not sure how it can be though when we haven’t had the summer bit yet.

So what do you do when you get into work in the morning wanting to unpack a bisque kiln so you can glaze it all and repack it and the thing is still at 178 degrees at 9 o’clock? Well being as it has a big platter in that I really didn’t want to crack I thought crash cooling it maybe wasn’t a good idea today so after I’d fiddled around for a bit tidying up some of the chaos that has been reigning in my workshop of late I figured I would give Doug a bell, it must have been at least a couple or three days since we talked random rubbish to each other. So we had a good old natter and a bit of mutual bottle kiln appreciation. Maybe we could start a club, the BKAS the Bottle Kiln Appreciation Society, there’s three members already I think, me and Doug and Blogger Matt. We need badges we need t-shirts we need a motto!

I got some glazed pots out of the kiln when I got back from Devon but in the week that ensued hadn’t done anything with them yet so here are some of them. The tower above is in four sections and the bottom three hold tea lights.

These two jugs were supposed to go down to the firing last week but I realised I wasn’t going to be able to carry them all so I glazed them here instead. They’re just littluns.
Speaking of bottle kilns – again! I had the radio on earlier and they played that song by The Foundations, “Build me up Buttercup”. It just occurred in a flash of genius / delusion that you could change the words to
“Why don’t you build me a (build me a) Bottle kiln baby,
Just to let me fire (let me fire) pots and burn wood,
And then best of all (best of all) I’ll make some new pots
With some flame flashing (flame flashing) and I’ll love you more
I need you (I need you) to cast the foundations
You know that will give me the start
So build me a (build me a) Bottle kiln, don’t break my heart.”
What do you think? Paul’ll be home in an hour or so I thought I might serenade him when he gets here.
It turned into a really lovely hot sunny day today and the sunset over the hills was splendid. I did eventually get the kiln unpacked though it was still so hot that it was painful even through my gloves but I had to get it back on today so that it’ll be out and ready in time for London. London argghhh! That’s next week. Oh my, oh my!

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3 Responses to Build me a. . .

  1. Big Al says:

    Hannah, I adore you, your incredible pots and your lovely country. I am soooo glad you are better potter than singer! :)Can’t wait to see the new pots.I hope you are happy. I’ll never be able think of that song the same way again!

  2. But you haven’t tried your seat out yet!

  3. paul jessop says:

    I wrote some new words to a michale buble song a few months ago when I was stuck in a traffic jam in London, I’ll see if i can dig them out. I won’t sing them I promise.

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